Collaborating with Tacoma pet owners for extraordinary veterinary care

When you need a veterinarian you can trust, turn to Browns Point Veterinary Clinic. Our long-standing history in the community leads families to bring us their pets time and time again.

With over 28 years of experience, you’ll feel confident allowing us to address your pets’ preventative and acute medical needs

A veterinary team committed to creating relationships with you and your family

When you bring your pet into our care, we’re not just caring for them, we’re caring for you. This is why families trust us to care for their animals whether it’s their first puppy or third cat.

I love this vet. They are kind, caring, and have wonderful bedside manners. They tell you how it is and present your options. If it’s holistic or traditional they support your choices and come up with the best treatment plan. They have always called me and followed up to see how my girls are doing and always call back and answered my questions. I’m so glad I found this place. They have given my pets the best care out of any vet I’ve been to (and I’ve been to a lot with my girl’s health problems). They quickly became my vet of choice and I drive the 30mins to go see them because their care is above excellent. They also have the best front of house staff I’ve encountered. Friendly and always cheerful to have a conversation with. I love browns Point!

Defying one-size-fits-all veterinary care

Our team works with you to build a unique care plan for your pet which can include both traditional and alternative medicinal options depending on your preferences.

Preventative & Wellness Care

Routine Dental Care

Surgery & Hospitalization

Advanced Diagnostic

Veterinary Chiropractic

Nutritional Counseling

Veterinary Acupuncture

Herbal Medicine

Our holistic veterinary care includes complementary therapies such as chiropractic and herbal medicine

We strive to bring your pet the best care possible which is why we use both ancient medicine and modern technology in tandem. By combining the wide range of practices available, we expand the possibility for a positive outcome in your animal’s health and well being.

Golden retriever with acupuncture needles in its head

Excellent veterinarian practice. We had our Chihuahua operated on for a cyst as well as spayed, and not only was the surgery expertly done, but it was less expensive than even “Vets for less”. We found our veterinarian home! Friendly, courteous and obviously caring service. Thank you, too, for saving our dog’s life! We so appreciate Dr. Sperlich and the staff.


I am so happy I found this place! They are all amazing! My dog had been suffering from severe pain, hunched over, not walking well, and crying. I took her to two different vets and they just gave me pain meds and didn’t know what was wrong. I took her here and she did acupuncture on her and gave me some natural pills and she is like a new dog!! The vet is so smart and so caring for animals. I never met someone so gentle with my dog and have great people skills. I am so happy and so thankful to her for giving my dog her life back!


I’ve been seeing (my pets have been seeing) Dr. Sperlich for over 11 years. She’s smart, honest, and caring. I love that she has a natural approach–she’ll recommend natural treatments as much as possible, but won’t hesitate to prescribe medications if she thinks they’ll help better.


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